Goals and objectives of the Council

The purpose of the Council is to ensure the intellectual potential and all other capabilities of the staff of the institute to fulfill the tasks set by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education” and the “National Training Program” and to train professionals with excellent knowledge, skills and abilities.

Institute Council:

– Examines the strict implementation of state educational standards, curricula and programs in accordance with the National Training Program and sets recommendations and tasks on priority issues;

– hears reports of faculties on educational, research and spiritual-educational work, on the activities of academic lyceums, scientific societies under the higher education institution, on the results of admission of the admission commission, as well as on the needs of marketing services for graduates, cooperation with customer organizations and makes appropriate decisions;

– Discusses the implementation of plans for scientific research, spiritual and educational work, training and retraining of faculty and makes appropriate decisions;

– Approves the annual and future plans for the development of the institute, discusses the results of logistics and financial and economic activities and makes appropriate decisions;

– Decides on issues related to the opening, termination, change of faculties and departments, as well as the establishment or termination of training in new bachelor’s and master’s specialties, taking into account the proposals of marketing services;

– Conducts competitions for the positions of professors and teachers in accordance with the Regulation “On the procedure for competitive recruitment of teachers in higher education institutions”;

– Considers the documents of candidates seeking the title of professor, associate professor and submits them for approval in the prescribed manner;

– discusses and determines measures to ensure the knowledge of English by graduates and professors of educational institutions and the formation of basic skills in computer technology, Internet access;

– Discusses the issues of providing the educational process with textbooks, textbooks of the new generation, as well as the preparation and publication of teaching materials based on the use of innovative educational technologies;

– recommends candidates for independent research institutes and senior researchers, approves the topics of their individual plans and dissertations;

– Recommends talented students and professors for internships in foreign universities through the Fund “El-Yurt Umidi”;

– Recommends talented students and researchers of the institute to participate in the competition for the State Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other prestigious state scholarships;

– Discusses the development of corporate cooperation with the main customer organizations, enterprises and institutions, strengthening the material and technical base and improving the effectiveness of student internships and develops recommendations for their improvement;

– Makes decisions on establishing cooperation with higher education institutions of foreign countries;

– Determines measures to improve safety and health of students and staff of the institute;

– solves other tasks related to the activities of the institute.

The council consists of the rector of the institute, deputy directors, deans, heads of departments, heads of departments, as well as the chairman of the trade union committee of the institute, the chairman of the Women’s Committee of the institute and the leader of the Youth Union.