2020-2021 training at the Denau Institute of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy in order to train staff in the framework of joint educational programs, to implement integrated educational programs on “joint diploma”, academic mobility and summer schools Development of cooperation with foreign higher education institutions, research centers, international organizations and foundations on the implementation of various projects in cooperation with leading foreign higher education institutions and international organizations and the improvement and quality of the educational process In order to improve the quality of education in 2019-2020, the introduction of foreign best practices in the educational process, improve curricula and programs, increase the international reputation of the university, the German Expert Exchange Service (SES – Senior Expert Service) with the support of 4 qualified and experienced experts from the institute is planned to be involved in the fire.

            In collaboration with the British Council, various projects are being implemented to improve the quality of education, improve curricula and programs, assess knowledge, introduce new curricula, and improve the skills of English language teachers.

In order to reconstruct the buildings of the Institute, dormitories, preschools and a modern information resource center in Denov district, “Totuvlik” mahalla, Gulira’no Street, 1a, the administration, The construction and equipping of an information resource building and a 500-seat student dormitory, as well as a 1,200-seat educational building in the administration building in the area are underway.

Also, Sh. Taking into account the involvement of potential and qualified professors and teachers of Samarkand State University and other leading universities in the educational process at DTPI in the territory of the building located at 360 Rashidov Street. It is planned to build a service house (or affordable housing) for 24 people.

At the same time, it is planned to build a pre-school building for at least 100 children for the children of professors and staff, as well as to organize direct internships for students of the institute.

The DTPI Information Resource Center is equipped with modern technologies and connected to the Internet, and the library has 35,678 different publications.

DTPI plans to establish cooperation with universities in more than 10 developed countries and about 20 higher education and research institutions. These include AS Pushkin Moscow State University of Languages, Ilgiz State University in Istanbul, Nagoya University in Japan, Gdansk University in Poland, Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, University of Edinburgh in Europe, Manchester University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Moscow State Pedagogical University. , Moscow State University of Languages, Russian State University of Tourism and Services.

Founded in the ancient city of Denau, rich in history, traditions and innovative ideas, the team of the Denau Institute of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy is a worthy contribution to the further development of science and education and the development of the country. they consider it their honorable duty to work with determination and courage to add.